Why Practice Biodanza?


Biodanza promotes health improvement due to its pedagogy of well-being and improved living, both of which contribute to develop a reinforcement and renewal of motor and organic functions, as well as a rehabilitation of “affectivity” and the expression of identity.

Organic renewal occurs as we create situations of comfort and reduced stress, allowing the body to regain its capacity for self-regulation, balance and ease. As Biodanza creates such conditions, it reactivates the natural organic repair and regulation processes which are specific to bodily functions. Biodanza greatly stimulates motility and all the organic systems which contribute to one’s physical well-being, including the immune and endocrine systems. Consequently, it affects homeostatic harmony and organic stability.

Rehabilitation of affectivity

Affective rehabilitation takes place where situations such as games, sharing, joy, «encounters in movement» are created, as such situations awaken one’s natural capacity to establish relationships with our fellow human beings, situations where giving and receiving affection, protection and tenderness are possible. It is through the system of emotions, sensations and perceptions, that all the human visceral and motor functions are influenced by affectivity. This has positive repercussions on the body’s regulation centers and a direct influence on our emotions as well as on the level of joy and enthusiasm we experience daily.

Expression and development of identity

Occurs as one learns to reboot innate life functions, in other words through the development of our capacity for harmony, coherence with ourselves, with others and with the world in which we live. In daily life, our instinctual impulses are all too often concealed by our lifestyle and our convictions, as these do not respect our true needs or our true desires. Biodanza proposes a path which leads to a return to the organic coherence of living with fullness, with wholeness.
La Biodanza développe un renforcement et un renouvellement des fonctions motrices et organiques, une rééducation de l’affectivité et l’expression de l’identité, ce qui rend possible une mise en santé à travers une pédagogie du mieux vivre et du mieux-être.

Advantages and benefits of a regular practice of Biodanza:

» It helps to regain and maintain a feeling of well-being.
» It reinforces self-esteem and awakens the pleasure of moving.
» It develops and stimulates joy, enthusiasm and creativity.
» It encourages communication and expression.
» It allows reducing of stress and anxiety.

Helps to regain and maintain a feeling of well-being:

Biodanza offers the possibility to feel one’s body through movement, to take care of one’s own life by offering a space for satisfying and playful experiences. One becomes able to establish a form of regularity or consistency in accessing simple, touching states of well-being, based uniquely on the present moment emotion. In doing so, habitual states of boredom, preoccupation, unease, uncertainty and solitude gradually give way to situations where accessing joy becomes more simple and natural. Through the stimulation of laughter, play, rhythm, and a joyous feeling of closeness with others, Biodanza reawakens vitality which had turned numb. Biodanza gives way to intense experiences which involve the whole body and allows one to « feel oneself » as a vital being, furthermore one is able to prolong and even recreate these states in one’s daily life.

Reinforces self-esteem and awakens the pleasure of moving:

Moving to music is at the heart of the Biodanza proposition. Music has a mobilizing effect on human beings, both on a physical and an emotional level. Music is heard by the whole body and it produces organic effects throughout the body. Music chosen for Biodanza purposes has the capacity to trigger cenesthetic pleasant experiences and to facilitate integration, which restores one’s feeling of being complete and whole. Consequently our feeling of vitality and our mood improve, increasing one’s desire to keep moving! As the session progresses, one’s movement will unveil itself, as will increase the feeling of being who we are. Therefore, idealised and conceptualised self-image is replaced by a concrete physical perception of self, which leads to the reinforcement of true self-esteem. As one dance leads to another, the sense of self-esteem which depends on the opinion of others decreases, giving way to an inner sense of self-esteem which is essential and deeply felt.

Develops and stimulates joy, enthusiasm and creativity

From the point of view of Biodanza, creativity is a function of living; it is a perceptible manifestation of the action of being alive. As it stimulates the enthusiasm to play, to move, to create the dance with others in the moment, Biodanza can produce a re-connexion with creative innocence, generating the possibility to renew oneself; and everyone can introduce this possibility into one’s life, it’s a matter of bringing oneself into the world, introducing creativity into each one of our actions. It goes to say that creativity is an existential matter before it is an artistic one. In order to re-establish the creative drive, Biodanza proposes to simply decrease the level of self-repression and to facilitate our natural creative expression with the help of exercises which aim at revealing the creative function. These specific exercises develop primal expression, fluidity, expressive communication and creative elaboration. True creativity does not have an esthetic goal, it is not the ability to create an object we can already imagine; it is simply the capacity to let our own life express itself naturally, without any obstacle, allowing it to reveal its own splendor and to be amazed with the results.

Promotes communication and expression

States of lack, such as feeling incomplete or inadequate are at the source of stress and anxiety. By participating regularly in a Biodanza program which has for objectives to get into vital movement and to restore basic affective security, can quickly increase the joy of being alive as well as one’s flexibility and one’s ability to relax. Thus, through movement and the encounter with fellow humans, by stimulating organic regulation, Biodanza manages to make up for the states of lack and frustration, replacing them by an access to an unshakeable and joyful determination to live with courage, confidence and serenity.



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