Who is Biodanza for?


The practice of Biodanza is accessible to all. There are no pre-required conditions nor knowledge nor preparation. One does not need to be in shape to get to move together and live now! Biodanza can be practiced at any age and it is easily adaptable to all conditions.

The regular practice of Biodanza offers a stimulation of the joy of being alive as a source of health; it increases the development of confidence, enthusiasm and the capacity to care for oneself, all of which potentially contribute to getting in shape physically, emotionally as well as socially.

Biodanza is practiced daily in the world by groups of adults, children, teenagers, senior citizens and families. It is offered in schools, educational establishments, hospitals, prisons, resource centers, cultural centers, institutions, enterprises, etc.

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Applications of Biodanza

Biodanza is also used in three main social areas; called Biodanza Applications. Facilitators receive specific additional methodology training for each one of them.

1) Clinical Biodanza 

The Biodanza system is used as a complementary medicine for special groups suffering from clinical problems or specific conditions. Thus, Biodanza is linked to psychosomatic medicine, rehabilitation, education and psychotherapy. Methodology intended for Biodanza specializations is adapted specifically to reach people who suffer from psychosomatic illnesses, visual or auditory deficiencies, motor problems, or mental health as well as troubles linked to anxiety, depression, obesity, bulimia and anorexia. Biodanza also offers specialized services to senior citizens and people suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases.

2) Biocentric Education

Is a philosophy of education; it proposes to use Biodanza as a methodological tool, placing « vivencia » at the base of learning, through dialogue and participation. In addition, pedagogical techniques and approaches allow one’s construction of knowledge from one’s instinctual, affective and creative relation to life. Biocentric Education aims to develop deep human values, knowledge of self, affective intelligence and ethical consciousness.

3) Biocentric System for Organizations 

This specific methodology aims to introduce Biodanza to institutions; but even more so, it aims to adapt to the language, the structure and the administrative science of an institution. It develops the capacity to diagnose and solve human relations problems within an institution.

Biodanza Extensions

Extensions are Biodanza specializations focused on the development of the individual. Its themes have to do with myths, archetypes, legends, ancient ceremonies, creative propositions and transpersonal psychology.

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