Discovery and practice


A Biodanza class is also called a «vivencia». At the beginning of the class, there is a brief theoretical presentation where the facilitator explains an aspect of Biodanza, after which the participants are invited to participate in a well thought out sequence of movements and dances accompanied by music. The facilitator first explains each exercise, offers a brief demonstration of the movement and then invites all participants to dance the exercise according to their own feeling and sensitivity to the music. Each class is made up of various exercises, some of which are done individually, while others are done in pairs or as a group.

How to discover Biodanza?
Open House

This class is intended as an introduction to the theoretical and practical bases of Biodanza for new participants. It can be organized by the Association or by a facilitator and it lasts for approximately two hours. An «Open House» is a free event.

Discovery Class

This class is intended as an introduction to the theoretical and practical bases of Biodanza for new participants. It can be organized by the Association or by a facilitator, and it lasts for approximately two hours. A participating fee is specified for these events.

An Open House and a Discovery Class can be independent activities in their own right. They can both also precede or be part of a weekend workshop, a one-day course or a weekly session.

Weekly classes

During the session of weekly classes program, facilitators can offer the possibility to discover Biodanza and experience a trial period. It is well advised to refer to the weekly class calendar and to communicate directly with the facilitators whose weekly classes are most convenient for you.

How to practice Biodanza regularly and deepen and integrate it?
A weekly class

It is usually recommended, as it offers the best possibility to get involved in a deep and remarkable learning group process. Commitment and regular participation guarantee the efficiency of Biodanza’s methodology; furthermore it promotes the integration of those possibilities which have been developed during classes into one’s daily life. Weekly classes are led by facilitators, as well as by trainees supervised by their training Biodanza School. There are two types of weekly classes: initiation groups for beginners at Biodanza, and advanced groups for those who have been practicing for a certain amount of time. It is possible to join a weekly group while a session or program is in progress; however it is always important to contact the facilitator beforehand.

One-day courses

They are made up of two classes during the same day, including a lunch break. These courses allow one to more deeply explore a specific theme or aspect of Biodanza.

Two day workshops

They generally take place over the weekend, and they include two classes per day and a lunch break. There is sometimes an additional session on Friday evening. Weekend workshops offer the opportunity to deepen a specific theme. The duration of the experience and the intimacy developed in the group can generate more involvement and intensity.


A Biodanza extension is a specific Biodanza workshop which is offered exclusively by experienced Biodanza facilitators, who are specifically trained in the methodology and the subject of such extension. Extensions are therefore two or three day long intensive workshops of deepening «vivencial», theoretical and methodological aspects of Biodanza. These extensions are aimed at people who already have some experience of Biodanza.




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