What is Biodanza?


Biodanza is a process of global human development; it is an invitation to get into movement, to express and develop oneself among a group of people. Biodanza is done with the support of a precise combination of exercises, dances and music. It offers the possibility to progressively rehabilitate one’s life force, one’s « joie de vivre », and promote a general sensation of well-being.

Its name originates from two words, «Bios» which stands for life, and «Danza» which means movement filled with meaning; as both words are joined together we can appreciate its poetic meaning «The Dance of Life».

The challenge of modern times

Modern human beings often find themselves experiencing high levels of dissatisfaction and annoyance; they are submerged by their obligations and worried about their performance; they often consequently end up in a survival mode. As human beings cut themselves off from the primordial life movements which include their emotions, instincts, and affectivity, they feel a general discomfort which shows in their body and their life style.

An Efficient Methodology

Biodanza offers a precise and efficient methodology based on biological science. Biodanza focuses on the healthy part of the individual, so as to stimulate and awaken the body’s natural wisdom, and to give it access to its own biological capacity to take care of itself, to feel its needs, to act according to what is healthy and to make better choices in life.

Promoting Vivencia

All Biodanza classes are designed to stimulate natural movement as it awakens sensations and emotions which make «vivencia» possible. «Vivencia» is the intense feeling of being alive in the here and now. These experiences have the power to harmonize the body’s organic activity and to regulate physiological processes leading to health.

As we prioritize sensitivity and body experience, Biodanza helps us develop more spontaneous, authentic and sincere self-expression. Through movement and music, people who practice Biodanza learn together a new significance of respect, confidence, empathy, sincerity, and kindness. Little by little, they recover a capacity to be in touch with themselves, with others and with the world.

Finally, experiences of shared joy, tenderness, intense excitement, serenity, euphoria and rest, revitalize all the natural mechanisms which are usually blocked in a lifestyle governed by stress and anxiety. Biodanza can deeply rehabilitate one’s desire to live, can transform the fear to live into a feeling of fulfillment and happiness, and can lead to a happier life.



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